Monday, 29 October 2012

Living the Life Ecuador coast


We spent a lovely afternoon in Ballenita a few months ago when Randy and John took us to the Farallon Dillon and had lunch there.  We met the owner’s son, Douglas Dillon, who was gracious enough to give us his time in speaking about the Farallon Dillon’s beginnings and also take us on a tour of its many treasures.
        John drove us there, since it is a bit off the beaten path and we never would have found it if we had to take a taxi since it is a little out of the way.  But you know you have arrived because it is in a superb location on a hill looking out over the Pacific Ocean.   The views are extraordinary;  we got a table outside that had a tremendous view of the water and the sea breeze was perfect that day. 
 Lunch was scrumptious as we all had the seafood bisque, which was filled with shrimp, scallops, and other seafood  and perfectly seasoned with a delightful bisque soup.
         After lunch, we were taken on the tour by Douglas, who is very enthusiastic in his speaking about the Farallon Dillon.  Inside the area where we had lunch is a huge room where we saw sea folklore just about everywhere we looked.  Large cups with the weatherbeaten faces of old sailors, fishing nets, sextants, portholes, old figureheads, carvings, heavy wooden tables and chairs.  And then up a flight of stairs took you to a group of rooms that you could pay for a night’s stay- all the rooms  were named after the phonetic alphabet- alpha, bravo, Charlie ,delta, echo, foxtrot, etc.  Some rooms were smaller and others were larger, but they all had an aura of days gone by. 

           Then, Douglas took us to another huge room which was around the side of the property which housed the remains of a ship that had sunk off the peninsula many years ago, which was very fascinating.  Some wonderful pieces were part of this collection, including photographs. 
            There is also a chapel on the grounds and tennis courts, where Yolanda Dillon, the owner, plays when she is there.  She was not there on the day that we went, although I would have very much liked to have met her if she had been there.  This splendid place is a must to see and have lunch, also.  We intend on taking Evelyn’s sister and brother when they visit in November.

As I have said in the past I make films, but I also watch films, here is a link to a film I watched recently and liked, check it out.
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This month

1929 was the year the US stock market collapsed, black Tuesday the beginning of the great depression. 

Born in 1921 this iconic name became part of US life during and after WW11 Bill Mauldin cartoonist.