Saturday, 27 October 2012

Living the Life Ecuador coast


I last told you about a New Orleans Night at a new venue called The Bolero. Here is the skinny.
Evelyn and I met up with John and Randy and got to the club just after 6 pm. We were greeted by Kimberly; she handed out roses to the ladies and took the money from the men.
By the time we got to the place, there were a number of people there, around about 30 I would say, and there were people coming in behind us.
We mingled and made conversation with people we knew and people we did not know. There was quite a large crowd around the bar. However, the chatter at the bar was about the price of the drinks.
We found ourselves seating and continued to chat with people around us. As we entered, there was music playing from the disco above the dance floor. When we got to sit down, the volume of the music increased to the point where we had to raise our voices to be heard.
The music that was played in no way represented any style of music I knew from New Orleans. In fact, the only part of the evening that came from New Orleans was Randy and John.
In the email that I received the listed food was: chicken, beef, fish, shrimp, Jamaican rice, white rice,and three different salads.
The food came out and a line formed. As we neared the head of the line it became obvious that New Orleans was not on the menu. Also, the food was nice, but the chicken was under cooked.
There was no fish, shrimp, Jamaican rice, or three different salads.
We sat and ate the rest of the meal. Some ladies got up to dance, but for us the music was too loud and we moved to the door. Evelyn danced for a short time,but left the floor because of the too loud music.
The question is, would we go back?
The answer for us is wrapped in the fact that we felt short changed on the food, the place plays the music too loud and the drinks are very expensive. We have not paid that price for a drink in San Francisco, CA. ,so why would we pay it here?
Good luck with this venture, and look for a younger crowd with disposable income.

La Libertad Malecon 
The Restaurant El Tigre

After my last appointment at the dentist which lasted two hours, we left hungry and wanted to try the above named restaurant.
We entered and sat down at a table that could seat four. A man in a tee shirt came over with two menus and placed them on the table, left and came back several minutes later but did not stay to take our order.
A party of four and a couple came after us. We were the only non Ecuadorians in the place.
 The six people that came after us were waited on before us. Their drinks were brought out, and we still were not waited on for our order. At this point, I stood up and shouted at the waiter, who just ignored me.
A short, stocky man came over and said, "I will help". He sat with us and took our order, and wanted to sell us wine.
By this time, we had been in the restaurant 25 minutes- we still do not have a drink or food. Five minutes later, my drink came out, but no drink for Evelyn.
Forty minutes had passed and still no drink for Evelyn or food for either of us. The 6 people that arrived after us have finished their food.
Fifty minutes have now passed, and a plate of food and a drink  have been brought out for Evelyn.
Ten minutes later, my food was brought out. The rice was hard, the breaded fish I had ordered was burnt on the outside and still frozen on the inside. I took the meal to the manager, and he turned up his palms and sighed.
The bathrooms were very dirty, no soap, towels, or toilet paper.
This place is a health hazard to non Ecuadorians. Avoid it at all costs. Also, the food that Evelyn was served was no better. We left hungry. We will not be returning there,ever.

This month

1728 was the year that Captain James Cook was borne the British explorier.

The sweet and energetic sound of Niccolo Paganini the Italian violinist borne 1782.

The 26th president of the United States was Theodore Roosevelt borne in in 1858.