Saturday, 20 October 2012

Living the Life Ecuador coast

Club Bolero

This is a new club bar opening here in Salinas, and to kick it off, they are having a 
New Orleans style night.
The party starts at 6 pm and all you can eat dinner starts at 7 pm. The price for this is $9.95 per person.
The date is the 25th of October and an RSVP is requested; contact:

 Kimberly Kagan-Quintana
Island Estates International
312.985.7703 Internationally
08.621.2688 Ecuador 

Directions from the Malecon: the road that runs down the side of the  Tesoro Del Mar, take it away from the Malecon until you see the building in the image below and you are there.
From the Salinas Mercado: take the main road towards La Libertad until you see the building in the image below on the right, and you are there.
Hope to see you there, enjoy.

View from the main road

Stage for live bands

Dance floor and DJ up to the top right

Full bar

comfortable seating

Look up

standing bar