Sunday, 21 October 2012

Living the Life Ecuador coast

What a week

Spa Day
Went to La Libertad for a massage and a facial.

Here I met Teresa, a nice young lady that has a good command of English. She gave me a facial and a massage that lasted 2 hours for the price of $35.00.
The room was clean and contained all that you would expect to find in a facial room of a Spa.

Teresa, the owner's daughter

Teresa performed the facial well, the products were good and the equipment worked well. The facial was performed by candle light; the music was loud because the player was in the hall.
The massage was good; she gave a very light massage and it was one that was without experience. The moves were all there and the routine, but in need of more experience.

One of the spa rooms

Hallway to the spa rooms

Two large spa tubs and a steam room

Waiting area for the spa rooms
Evelyn had Isabelle for the facial and massage.  She was small in size, but was powerful with her hands and did a great massage( Evelyn likes a firm pressure) and was very good with the facial, also.
Waiting area for nails and hair

Reception and salon

Some of the stations
Evelyn and I would go back to the Five Senses Spa because we were treated well and had a good experience.