Thursday, 18 October 2012

Living the Life Ecuador Coast

This Blog is a shout out for a family that made the difference

When we moved to Salinas, Ecuador, we had the good fortune to meet and make friends with a family that made the difference for us moving to Ecuador.
Before I go into who they are, I would like to say the difference they made for us was not just giving us a piece of information or pointing us in the right direction. They made the difference between us staying here in Ecuador and going back to the US.
This is a wonderful family. They have a loving husband and a great father. The wife is a mother who displays love and affection for her family with abundance.
Their two children are the result of a loving, hard working, and devoted mother and father.
And yet, they still find time to help others that come into their lives. They have a business that requires time and effort to run, grow, and flourish in Salinas.
Knowing this, they make time for others and ask for no reward. Such people as this you meet once in a lifetime, if you are lucky.
They made time for us, they helped us, they directed us, they stood by our side, and because of this our transition here went from a very bad start to a place where we are able to sit down and say we now feel like we are retired.

The family in question is Ralph Jones, his wife Andréa, and their children Samantha and David, and also their extended family living here.
Not only do they run this fine establishment, but they are a wealth of information and support.
They have helped us out so many times. Here are a few:  we had problems with the land line phone. Andrea came with me to CNT and translated so we could get the phone working.
We had major problems with the electrical wiring in our house; Ralph brought over the guy they have been using and he was able to sort us out.
Ralph took us in his truck and showed us where to buy materials for the house. Andréa, through her Dad, found a doctor for Evelyn, and went with her to translate because the doctor did not speak English.
I am not able to thank them enough. I do hope that this will help them by providing them with additional publicity.
Please go there and try the food. They have a great  menu and the food is superb! The food Ralph produces has no match here in Salinas. Thank you to the Jones family from Evelyn and myself.