Thursday, 25 October 2012

Living the Life Ecuador Coast

                  We had a great day! Babs, Evelyn, and I hired Carlota for the day and we went to Guayaquil to shop. We left around 07.00 and got to the city about 09.00 and started our shopping day at a store called Boyaca. This is a store where you can find a lot of the things that you are used to seeing in the US.
They have a great selection of garden furniture, bathroom items, flooring, lights and fans.
This is a great place to come and find out what is available in the big city. There are, however, many shops that have great selections but you have to find them. This is where Carlota came in handy, as she has local knowledge and was able to point us in the direction of shops that did not have such a wide selection of many different items, but they did have a large selection of say lights, reclining chairs, beds, carpets, and so on.
As the day passed by, we soon ran out of time and had to head back toSalinas, but we did have a stressless day with Carlota at the wheel.

Nice leather lounger

Steamer trunk converted to a drinks cabinet 

We are trying out a put-you-up
Carlota Jodie Evelyn in the Mall de Sol

              Sat down to breakfast, poured out a nice cup of tea, and when I came to drink it, there was such a pain in my tooth that I thought I had been shocked with electricity. The pain subsided, and I went on to eat my breakfast with varying degrees of pain. I said we have to go to the dentist.
Evelyn had gone to a dentist a couple of months prior to this for a cleaning and had a good experience, so we decided to go there.
We got on the bus which dropped us off almost at the front door of the dentist in La Libertad.
As we were a walk-in, we did not expect to receive any treatment, but hoped that we could make an appointment for the next day or two.
There were several people in the waiting room when we arrived. As luck would have it, the lady that gave me the massage on Monday was there talking to the dentist, who turned out to be her husband.
I think the only word of English the dentist knew was "open", so it was good that she was there to translate. We were told to sit in the waiting room which very quickly emptied, and  I was asked to get in the chair.
The room was large and clean, the equipment modern- just what I would expect to find in a dentist office in the US. The dentist began to examine my mouth and quickly found the pain spots. He then proceeded to take X-rays. When they were developed, through his wife, he said that he thought it was an abscess and that it could be treated with antibiotics. After further examination, he said that he should do a root canal. 
Before I knew it, he injected my gum with lidocaine, and I was on the way to having the root canal treatment.
The dentist said that there were three roots and I would need to come back for additional treatments. He wrote me a prescription for antibiotics and pain medicine, set an appointment for next Monday, and told me that it would cost $250.00 , 50% now and the rest when the treatment was completed.
I would recommend this dentist to anyone based on the treatment I received.

Dentist and assistant

Had a good night's sleep after the treatment at the dentist yesterday. We wanted to have a walk and stop off somewhere to have lunch, so we walked down to the bus terminal area, hoping to get an empanada at Loretin restaurant. Just as we were about to turn the corner to the place where we wanted to eat, we heard a voice shouting out "hi, girls". It was Mary, just returned from the garden store with a handful of plants for her balcony.
Mary asked if we would like to come up and have a glass of wine or two, so we did go on up and have some wine and good conversation.
Mary has a love bird as a pet that has a very loud singing voice, and is just getting over a parasite infection that made her lose her feathers.
As we all had the same idea of eating, we went down to the water slide area, as the place we wanted to eat was closed, and ate at one of the big food places that are in that area.
The food was good and the price was right. We also were serenaded by a local with a guitar.

This Month

El Alamein offensive in Egypt began in 1942 led by the British.

World War II in the Philippines- 1944 the Battle of Leyte Gulf began.

In 1945, the United Nations became formally established.

We do not use them now, but in 1861, the first transcontinental telegram was sent.