Friday, 20 July 2012

Living the Life

Social life with a view

     The other day, we were invited to have cocktails with some new friends we have made. They live on the 12th floor of a building that is right in the heart of the Malecon, where by day you look out from the balcony and see the beach reaching out like arms hugging the cove. The view below allows you to see the busy street with taxis, cars and people moving around to and from where they are staying or working. The beach has it ebb and flow of people. The first wave is the cleaning crews, then come the entrepreneurs who set up their spots so they can sell, offer, or provide a service, goods, or food and drink.
     At the same time you see the dog walkers and the keep fit brigade; then as the day awakens, the trickle of sun worshippers parade onto the sand to find a spot.  This dance goes on every day.
But we were invited for cocktails in the evening, and could not soak in that daytime dance. The night moves to a different beat. While we were engaged in conversation, snacks, and drink, the beat of the night could be felt with the pounding of the waves on the beach and the wind carrying music from a nearby disco. This was our backdrop to finger food,  conversation and drinks as we looked out of a picture window and felt the sea breeze. The view of the sea and sky was black, and not so black being punctuated with flashing lights to the left and to the right.
As we looked down to the street,  we saw cars and people moving about and a few people fishing on the beach. The street lights threw a glow on the sand and sea that is not only attractive to insects, but people are drawn also.
     The experience of the evening was very pleasant. As we left the building and stepped on to the Malecon to walk home under the warmth of the street lights and the cool sea breeze, we passed couples making out in the shadows and men on the beach casting out their lines trying to catch fish. On the other side, the restaurants were busy and the boom! boom! boom! from the discos was palpable.
As we walked towards our home, the noise faded and the number of people dwindled. We left the Malecon and got to our home greeted by our dogs. We then went to bed having had a very nice evening. 

Patti and Joe, our hosts

View to the west of the Malecon 

View to the north of the Malecon