Friday, 6 July 2012

The 4th of July

Being an English person living with an American there are certain celebration that we each follow which respect our different cultures.
One of them is the 4th of July, this is a national treasure and represents the beginning of American life.
So for all US expats out there I hope that you enjoyed the 4th the way you would want to.

      We celebrated here in Salinas,Ecuador, very well, thank you.  We started out by going to Will and Wendy's (Score Bar) where they provided delicious BBQ chicken and all the expats who came brought different delightful dishes. Lots of different salads,beans,black-eyed peas, and don't forget all the yummy desserts( I believe the small round sweet things were gone first). Don't know what they were called, but they were heavenly!  After we had our fill and catching up with friends whom we may have not seen for awhile, we had a pleasant visit from the mayor of Salinas,AB. Paul Borbor Mite, and his team of officials. He gave a spirited welcome to the expats present and said that we are close to his heart and expressed gratitude that we live in Salinas. After this, we all headed down to the beach, a few blocks away, to view a superior fireworks display, thanks to Will Taylor, Alex(Wendy's son), and a third fellow whose name I do not know.  Jodie caught the display on video, as well as the mayor's welcome and most of the people who were at the display and at the restaurant. Excellent crowd- about 75-100 people,including children. And I know THEY enjoyed themselves! A most wonderful evening for everybody involved. We wish to thank everybody who worked hard behind the scenes to make this a memorable 4th, but most especially Will and Wendy, for giving us their place to enjoy it all!