Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Living the Life


If you are staying, living, or visiting Salinas you probably will go to the Paseo mall to shop or eat.
Well, we ventured into La Libertad to shop with the locals. We did have an agenda, and that was to pick up some supplies for a jewelry making class that Evelyn is taking, and to go to the bicycle shop to get a basket for Evelyn's and a gel seat for my bicycle. We were able to get the basket, but the gel seat-none in stock.
     We then went into the area in front of the Buenaventura, where they have two water features, which depicts their association with the sea and also provides convenient seating for the weary shopper.
In this area are venders and local police on foot working with security guards. Over to the right, there is a food court where you can indulge in locally prepared food that reflects the culture.
As we walked inside the Buenaventura, it opens to an upper and lower level, with a wide staircase leading downstairs, and a monk standing at the top of the stairs with a stick and a bowl requesting donations. The stairs are clearly marked right side for down and left side for up. As we moved down the stairs, we could see many stalls, most of which were promoting the sale of electronic goods.
We made our way to the rear downstairs where we found the stall that sold the supplies that Evelyn was looking for. As we moved on, we passed phone, DVD, hat, belt, pet supplies, jewelry,clothes, and shoe stalls.
     The place was a hive of people buying, selling, and moving around, but not a place where we felt unsafe or ill at ease. We had a very good shopping experience, which included the bus ride to and from Salinas. 

One of the water features

Walking on the lower level

Looking in from the rear entrance

DVD stalls are very popular

Main entrance

Food court area