Monday, 25 June 2012

Robin Hood Theme Song

Robin Hood Tax: U.S.

We have been hearing a lot of talk in the expat community about the Robin Hood tax. Not all of what I have heard is good, so I did some research and found out that the proposed Federal Transaction tax (FTT) is still only a proposal and not law yet.
 The tax is surprisingly small: less than half of 1%, or about 50¢ on every $100 of trades. It would apply not to ordinary Americans, but is aimed at the banking institutions. A similar tax has been proposed or adopted in 14 other countries, with rates of 0.05 to 0.1%.
This is a lot less than the 1% which most people are talking about, and that they would pull their money out of the US market. With the EU and other countries adopting this type of levy aimed at the banks, I do not see any benefit in moving my money.

Catherine, Tricia, Richard, Evelyn, and Larry
enjoying their food

There is a new place in town!

Well, not really, but judging by the response to the Sunday brunch, there was a need there to be filled.
Joe, Peggy, Will, Ed, Parisa, Pete,
Mary, and Patti waiting to be served

Here is the powerhouse Ralph!
Behind every great man is a great woman, Andrea 
For the first time has put out a Sunday Brunch menu to the delight of many. When I spoke to Ralph and Andrea the next day, I was told that they had run out of some items by the end of service and that they had over 50 customers.
I hope that it will become a regular hangout for Sunday brunch.
Island Kitchen Cart - Natural Wood Top

In the video above, you see local workers cutting one of two mirrors that will replace a window in our home. As you walk into our home, to the left of the front door is an indoor garden, which had fallen into disrepair. So, we ripped out the plants and other debris; the window to the area was cracked from one side to the other, so we took this opportunity to replace the window with a mirror on the inside and the outside.
 I recorded this because I have never seen glass of this size cut freehand like this.
 Elegant Home Fashions Netheland Wall Mirror

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