Thursday, 7 June 2012

Living the Life

Yet another great meal at Big Ralph's Hostal & Restaurant that was well needed.
Yesterday was a day with great intentions and little content. It started out well; got up, had breakfast, took the bus to Supermaxi. While waiting for the store to open, had a cappuccino, Mary came over and joined us, and then we saw Andrea and Ralph.
We had a short shopping list because we had other things to do that day. We were expecting a messenger to deliver a letter, but we did not know what time. Evelyn had a dance class to go to and the dogs had to be taken out on the beach.
I had research to do on the computer and get some mail out. Well, I got sidetracked and started to think about the month of June and all the things that are going on in this month.
Last year at this time, my thoughts were not about living in a different country (far from it), but I was thinking of and planning a weekend with my good friends Joe and Bill.
For the last 15 years, friends and I have watched, enjoyed, and taken part in the SF Gay Pride Parade.
Such fun! Thousands of people on the streets of San Francisco with a goal of having a good time.
The Parade started in 1970 in Golden Gate Park. It was not so much a parade as a reaction to the riots that took place in Stonewall. There were only 30 people that marched and about 200 spectators; they marched from Aquatic Park down Polk Street to City Hall.
Last year, there was a crowd of 1 million people attending on parade day; and over the course of the pride weekend, over $166,000 had been raised and given out to the community.
No public money was used, and the economic impact on San Francisco was in excess of $125,000,000;
And this year I will not be able to attend.
So I got my work done for the day and was able to walk with the dogs along the beach. The tide was in and the locals who wear flippers and snorkel masks were coming out  on to the beach and catching squid and other fish for sale and their dinner.
We returned home and I fed the dogs. Evelyn came back from her dance class and got in the pool. By this time, it was moving toward 6pm and we got ready to have another great meal at Big Ralph's Hostal & Restaurant.  Richard was there, and we spent the next three hours eating and talking.
Jodie in the parade

Colour and glam 2004

Getting in line

setting up for the parade