Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Living the Life

This week so far has gone well. On Sunday, we went to the Score bar (Hostal Aqui) for Sunday dinner. There were a lot of people there, so we were able to enjoy good conversation and good food; we were there for three hours, and the time flew.
Unlike the first week we were here, when it seemed like we were putting out fires every day, from having to buy A/C units, fans, water and food, we also had to figure out how to get around to buy all these items.
Since then, we have mastered the use of the bus and taxi system; and now that we have our container, we have our bicycles. Because the area is so flat, we can explore on our bikes and get a better idea of where we are.
For the first two weeks, we used taxis two to three times a day, because we  would go out and buy something and find that we needed something else. This was a very trying time.
Now, we are shopping once for major stuff and every day for fresh. Some of the fresh comes to the door- a guy on a three-wheel bicycle, 4 plantains and a 7kg. watermelon for $3.00.
We make fruit drinks every day on our Vitamix and eat lunch at the Mercado for $2.00. For that, you get soup, a choice of fish, chicken, or meat, rice, and plantains for the main dish and a fruit drink. Such a deal!
Just got an email from Emilia, our attorney's assistant, saying that we have to get a form from the US and we need a new POA. This visa process is not for sissies. So far, we have traveled to Guayaquil eight times, and each time we go, we are told that there are new or different requirements we have to meet. Thank goodness, we are retired here, because of the time involved to get these things done.
Last night, we had planned to go out for a meal with another couple to a place that we had both won a gift certificate to, called Chili Peppers, a good Mexican restaurant with killer Margaritas. Before that, during the day, I had to take 5 rolls of footing felt back to the store as they turned out to be faulty. This turned out to be an ordeal. Good job I took our guardian with me because I would not have been able to get over the point that they sold faulty goods. This took several hours and the new rolls will be in tomorrow to replace the faulty ones.
The toilet in the common bathroom developed a leak, and Anthony (the guardian) got his tools and pulled the toilet out and told me that the seal was leaking. He said that he would fix it. I was surprised to find that the seals used in the US were not the same here. After he cleaned it up, he pulled out a can of grease and started to lather it around the pipe that poked out a couple of inches; but anyway, he knew what he was doing, because it is not leaking anymore.
So we got ready to go out to Chili Peppers; we left the house and walked down the Malecon, and then down the side street to where Chili Peppers is located. There was a beautiful full moon out last night. To our dismay, we found the placed closed; it is only open from Wednesday to Sunday, so we waited for Randy and John to show up and give them the bad news. When they arrived, they immediately suggested the Luv'n Oven just down the Malecon. So off we went, and we had a lovely meal and very stimulating conversation.
At the end of the meal, I wanted to walk back because the evening was so nice.  John and Randy arrived in their car because they live a lot further away than we do; so they drove home.
As we walked down the Malecon towards our home we saw a line of men along the shoreline. I thought they were fishing, until I saw one man doing push ups and I heard a man shouting a command. A little further along the shore line, as we saw troops with landing crafts crawling on to the beach, we both realized that they were on exercise. There is a naval academy and an Air Force base nearby.
Sunsets here are lovely 
What a nice end to the day, a full moon, a calm sea and dinner with a nice couple.