Saturday, 30 June 2012

Living the Life


Modern art at entrance

Typical wood and bambo house

They lived upstairs

tools they would have made

Sleeping quarters

The cooking area

The washing area

Bellows used in forging metal

This is an oven

Brown cotton tree

White cotton tree

White cotton

A reconstruction of a boat

For history buffs:

         On Thursday of this week, we were treated to lunch at friends of ours, Randy and John Poindexter, in Santa Elena.  After lunch, Randy drove us to the archeological site of “Amantes de Sumpa”, about 1 km. from the regional center of Santa Elena.  This museo was created in 1997 to familiarize people with the customs and life of the Vega people, or Las Vegas, who lived on the peninsula between 8000 and 4000 B.C., probably the original inhabitants of this area.  This museo contains some human skeletons ,  the most famous of which are the” Amantes” or lovers locked in an embrace. These are the human remains of a 25 year old man and a 20 year old woman with the man’s right hand on the waist of his partner and his right leg over her hip, and the woman in a flexed position with her arm over his head.  A beautiful and touching sight to see! These ancient people buried the dead in their homes in order to keep communication with them.
         There are also artifacts such as ceramic figurines and cups, shells, metal tools, textiles, a farmhouse with a primitive kitchen sink, cooking pots, a washtub, a simple loom to weave fabrics, bellows used to heat coals to forge metal, like a blacksmith. These people were farmers and fishermen,  and they sailed long distances.  Even a simple iron to iron clothes was among the items.
          As  new residents of Ecuador, we feel privileged to be able to have experienced this museum, which contains vital information of how these ancient people conducted their lives.  We will go back at another time to the USPE University to see more of the ancient remains of these primitive cultures.