Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Clean Up

The clean up

It looks like the money has kicked in from the canton of Santa Elana.
Because the streets are looking much cleaner, and the sites which have been used for dumping of garbage have been cleaned up and graded over with soil.
The local people near the dump sites are now keeping an eye open and have been asked to report violators.

This area was covered in garbage up to 2 m high

A clean street

This was a dumping place for a lot of garden waste, now cleaned up

Water and the use of it

The struggle by the indigenous people in the south of Ecuador, have won a major victory this last week.
The national assembly were force into a vote, due to the actions of the indigenous people, marches and protests highlighted their sovereignty on the water that comes  their lands.
This came about because more and more water was being diverted to the oil industry, and the primary use of water in that area has in the past been for the use by the people and the production of food.
In recent months this was reversed and the people and food production has suffered, to the needs of extracting oil.
Known as the water law, the national assembly voted on the use of water from that area.
 President of the Assembly Gabriela Rivadeneira, closed the debate and a vote was taken.

The vote was 103 votes in favor, 21 against and 6 abstentions.

The law states that the use of water should
First be used for human consumption.

Second, used for irrigation, and third for food production.

This has brought a change that will improve water management, conservation and sustainability of a resource that has long been taken for granted.  

This week

A visit from the President to the gas terminal here on the coast of Santa Elana

With the project costing $571 million, it is expected that Spring Moneverde, the name given to the site will service ships able to handle up to 75,000 tonnes, and they will be come a common sight.
The terminal Chorrillo which is a storage area can store up to 33,000 metric tons of LPG in 4 tanks.
In addition to the above storage there are 16 more tanks that can hold 16 tons per tank.
This area is  not only for the  export LPG, but provides a filling station for domestic tanks        (15 kg) and commercial tanks (45 kg).

This project has from the beginning provided employment and will continue to do so, a security force and a number of skilled and semi skilled jobs which are well paid and provide a continued  income for the local community. 

Empowering Women

Empowering women, I worked there I know what a difference this can make to communities.