Sunday, 13 July 2014

Ecuador targets 1,400

Ecuador targets 1,400

Rural communities, small towns, cities and in between have been targeted to receive information centers.
These centers will provide educators, computers, printers, projectors and study rooms that will assist these communities to take advantage of the internet and technology.
To date 489 of these centers  have been placed into service and have received over 2 million visitors and users,a good example of bringing technology to the people.
On that subject, here in Salinas, we have free WiFi for all; the service is limited, but available to all. 

Petro Ecuador 

The biggest refinery in Ecuador, located in Quito, will be closed for maintenance over the next 14 months. A spokesman said that the plant will close by sections and fully close for just 45 days.
No mention was made of whether or not the supply of petrol and diesel will be affected.

Franklin D. Roosevelt had it, so did Venezuela’s Hugo 

Ch├ívez and so does Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega. What is it?

Rafael Correa, current President of Ecuador, could be the next leader to take advantage of never being out of a job. This question is being considered by the constitutional court in Ecuador.

Missing Oklahoma City man August Reiger sparks sightings in Ecuador

The search for August Reiger, who disappeared nearly a year ago while visiting Ecuador, continues. Two possible sightings have been reported to Ecuadorean law enforcement recently.
by Jennifer Palmer Published: May 9, 2014
The possibility that someone has recently seen a missing Oklahoma City man in Ecuador, where he vanished while vacationing with his family over a year ago, delivered a dose of hope to those trying to find him.
Two possible sightings reported to Ecuadorean law enforcement renew the possibility that August Reiger is alive. Reiger, now 19, went missing June 16,  2013 while hiking in Banos — a resort town considered safe for tourists — with his parents and younger brother, setting off an international effort to find him.
The teen’s father, Chris Reiger, confirmed at least two possible sightings have been reported in the past week, but he said there’s no way to know for sure the person seen was his son.
“We certainly haven’t given up hope that he’s going to be found, no doubt about that,” Chris Reiger said Thursday. “We still think he will be.”
August Reiger graduated as a valedictorian from Classen School of Advanced Studies in May 2013 and was planning to attend the University of Oklahoma.
During the summer trip, the family went hiking and August Reiger got a few minutes ahead of the others. He did not turn up at the family’s meeting spot and didn’t return to the hotel.