Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Ecuador $6.4 M Face lift

Ecuador $6.4 M Face lift

A company in New York, MCSquared, has received a contract from the Ecuadorian government, to help improve the image of Ecuador.
The cost of this contract is said to be $6.4 million, which will be used by this company to improve the image of Ecuador, to attract more income from tourists, and also  promote the resources that are on offer.
As we have seen in the last year, Ecuador has been increasing its prominence in the EU, signing contracts with Spain.
Ecuador, for now, is a resource- rich country. Extraction of these resources has left many scars not only on the countryside but with the international community, the long and protracted court case with the oil refining giant, Chevron.
This has left a bad taste with many corporations, and with the labour laws in  Ecuador, have combined to make this a very difficult place to set up a business.
With price controls being introduced on over 800 pharmaceuticals, and the restrictions on the imports on many luxury items, have also added to this difficulty.
This PR company will have its work cut out for it.

Ecuador's newly appointed Minister of Tourism, Sandra Naranjo,
is leading the way in the fight to gain a bigger share of the international tourist market.
Last year, just over 1.1 million international visitors made Ecuador their choice to spend vacation dollars.
With the help of this company, The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador is hoping that this will increase to 1.6 million by the end of this year. 
 These two companies are both based in New York. Ecuador is providing a substantial amount of money to show the world that this is a great place to come and visit on one hand, and on the other  hand, selling of the resources to the rest of the world.

Now there is a nasty word, but it has come to be known as the death blow for many jobs in the U.S.
This week I learned that companies in Mexico are now outsourcing work, for the very same reason that it was outsourced in the U.S.
The reason is that the company can make more money for less work and stress. Just 20 years ago Mexico was in the same position, and took on work that would feed their workers.
Recently there has been a lot of talk by the Ecuadorian government to produce more products here, and this will keep people employed and help balance the  import and export of trade.
But Ecuador has just placed an order with a company in India for the supply of 40 thousand body armor vests for the police force. Apparently, the ones they have now are not good enough.
Talk about a global economy .

Yasuni National Park

The Yasuni National Park, just two weeks after permits were issued to drill, has become the area of  an oil spill in the amount of 660,000 gallons.
This spill has contaminated drinking water and placed many dangerous effects on the indigenous people, wild life, and agriculture.