Thursday, 20 February 2014



Welcome to the now open Salinas International airport, providing three flights a week to the capital Quito.
The airport provides full security for domestic and international passengers, short term and long term parking ( free for now), concessions for your needs while in the airport, and a fully air conditioned building.

The main gate once passed directs you down a duel carriageway to the parking area, which has ample parking for the size of the airport.

A modern building provides easy access for the modern passenger and the less able, with ramps provided for wheelchairs and low pavements. 

The new Church on the hill, Santa Elena

The new Church on the hill provides not only a very nice place to worship, but a fantastic vista as well.
To the rear of the Church, under construction is a large swimming pool and very nice areas of garden to picnic in and enjoy.

Still under construction

This weekend is election weekend

If you have registered do not forget to vote.
Also remember that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
there will be no sale of alcohol from the stores or  your favorite restaurant. 

Health care 

Here is an option if you are looking for health care now that you are living in Ecuador.

From: FOPS Healthcare 

 Are you seeking a Group Healthcare Plan in Ecuador?

This Group Plan offers you:
1. Great group rates through major international insurer.
2. Full legal compliance with Ecuadorian laws (including "Dependency relationships") Sponsored by one of the largest NGO (not for profit) organizations in Ecuador. Full plan transparency.
Out of a sense of need, we are unpaid ex-patriot volunteers who have come together to share this opportunity with our friends and neighbors.

3. Plan Highlights:
a. Semi monthly premiums payments.

b. Covers singles, couples, and families; with selectable coverage levels from $25 to $75K per incident.

c. Low cost group rates guaranteed for the first year.

d. Options for dental and life insurance

e. Full coverage up to age 70 and reduced coverage to age 80.

f. International trip coverage up to 30 days at medical rates of destination country. 

g. Possible continuation of coverage for previous Salud group members. You must be signed up before March 1st. 

h. In and out of network coverage (worldwide).

For further information, please contact: