Sunday, 2 February 2014

Living the life Ecuador Coast

Bad Start

This year seems to have gotten off to a bad start, with petty crime and robbery on the increase as the high season gets going.
For all international people: be alert, check your surroundings, keep your valuables close and your friends closer.
The hot spots for these petty criminals are the places that are frequented by international people.

Some good and bad news
The Japanese family that was murdered in December 2013 in Guayaquil while taking a taxi:
The police have apprehended gang members that they believe are the perpetrators of this terrible crime.

Minister Jose Serrano reported that after the 

operation called “Sunrise”, we arrested, early 

this morning, five suspected gang leaders of the

express kidnapping gang in Guayaquil.

Subsequent to the arrest of five gang

 members, a cache of arms 

and ammunition was 

found during a search of their homes; also 

found were stolen motorcycles and cars.

Motorcycle robbers 

Last high season, we had a spait of robberies by people on 

motorcycles, These were, for the most part, carried out on 

the streets away from the Malecon, where the level 

of policing is lower. 

Today, on our way back from a meal, we came across such 

an incident. We stopped the car and I went to get out. That 

was enough for them; they scuttled away like gutter rats. 

The people were unharmed, but the assailants got away.