Saturday, 1 February 2014

Living the life Ecuador Coast

Ecuador Tops in Latin America for Internet Connectivity
Ecuador's push to expand and improve Internet service appears to be paying off. It leads all Latin American countries in average peak connectivity with 18.5 Mpbs. Rounding out the top five are Chile with 17.2 Mbps, Mexico with 17.1 Mbps, Brazil at 16.7 Mbps, and Colombia, at 15.9 Mbps. The U.S., by contrast, has average peak connectivity of 37 Mpbs.

Tickets and fines

Since the minimum wage has gone up from $ 318 to $ 340.
The tickets that are given out by the Police and the Transito have increased to take into account the higher level of pay; this is an automatic process.
An example of a ticket: if you are a car owner and you park in the wrong place and get a ticket, it will cost you 50% of the minimum wage in place at that time.
Protection for new Home and Condo buyers
With effect from December 18 of last year:
There was introduced more protection for the investor, home buyer of new construction.
This law is not retroactive.
 So basically, what it means is that if you are buying a new property which is part of a complex, the delivery date is contingent on the requirements of occupancy permits (fire department) certificate of completion of the construction process,
But, what it means is that you cannot take occupation until the last unit has passed all of the inspections. This will increase delivery time, but provide security to the buyer in showing that the contractor has been subject to the conditions of the local authority, in passing all inspections and complying with the needs and the requirements of local and state authorities.

Food for Thought-  Savoretti Restaurant

        We tried this pleasant looking restaurant today for lunch. It is an Italian restaurant on the corner across from the Catholic Church in Chipipe. The menu consisted of pizzas, lasagne, canneloni,etc.  The food was good, but it was overpriced. Lasagne with nothing else was $8.90. Canneloni with spinach and cheese with nothing else was $8.20. Water was $1.20. A single glass of wine was $7.50. Well, we won't be returning to this restaurant-too expensive for what you get. 

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