Thursday, 10 October 2013

Manos a La Obra Update

Manos a La Obra Update

For those of you who are interested in the progress of the family that has been receiving help, I have a few images of the home and what is being done to it.
There was some disappointment when it came to calling on the people that had made an offer of materials and help.
Thank you to Luis (most of you know him as Peggy's driver)- he came through with materials, Will of Hostal Aqui is donating a bed (which we are not ready to pick up yet), and Jon Scott has provided a Maestro and a worker to do the labor at a reduced rate, plus overseeing the project at no cost.
Let me tell you what it is that we are doing.
The house is being extended to provide a bedroom for William (this is the young man that is suffering from leukemia and whose health restricts what he is able to do).
Also, as part of the extension, we are building a bathroom and a laundry for the family. Before the project started, the family did not have a functioning bathroom, because there was no septic system connected to the house.

This is what the extension to the house will look like. To the right is where the original house.

The Bedroom

Looking down the side of the house

Laying blocks to take the extended roof

Looking down the other side of the house
 What you can see here has a cost at this time of $600.00. There have been materials that have needed to be purchased and the labor of the two workers. We are over budget right now,
but I am hoping that we can complete the project.