Friday, 18 October 2013

Living the Life Ecuador Coast

Alstom to supply the country’s first tramway system to the city of Cuenca

Alstom, leader of the consortium 1 CITA Cuenca, was awarded a contract by the city of Cuenca to supply 14 Citadis trams, along with electrification, power supply and system integration. The part for Alstom is worth approximately 70 million Euros. The 10-kilometer2 line will be the first tramway system in Ecuador. It will include 20 stations and will cross the historical city center over 4 kilometers.  The line - which will be inaugurated in 2015 – will be able to carry up to 120,000 passengers per day.
Cuenca, the third largest city in Ecuador, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To preserve its architectural heritage, the city chose Alstom’s APS3 technology, a catenary-free solution with a 10-year success record that powers the tram through a third rail embedded in the ground between the running tracks. Cuenca will be the first city in the Americas to obtain a catenary-free tram, already in service in several French cities as Bordeaux, Reims, Angers and Orleans and soon in Tours as well as Dubai in United Arab Emirates.
The Citadis tram for Cuenca is about 33 meters long and can accommodate around 300 passengers. Its full low floor and wide doors enable easy passenger access, especially for those with reduced mobility. Additionally, Citadis features large central aisles allowing passengers to move inside.
This project and our Citadis will improve the urban mobility of Cuenca, home to about 500,000 inhabitants, with one of the cleanest, most efficient and most comfortable means of public transportation. It is also an opportunity to show other Latin American countries that similar projects can be developed in their cities” says Michel Boccaccio, Senior Vice President of Alstom Transport in Latin America.
The trams and the infrastructure components will be produced at the Alstom Transport sites in France (La Rochelle, Ornans, Vitrolles, Saint Ouen).  The project is mainly financed by the French Treasury through the ECR (Emerging Country Reserve) loan scheme4. Alstom has already sold nearly 1,700 Citadis trams to 41 cities around the world.
The fare will be kept at the same rate of $0.25; the average speed of the tram system is estimated to be 22 km/ hr. which is an improvement on the bus and car transport which is around 15 km/ hr . Two of the tram cars arrived in Cuenca early this month;  these long loads traveled at night to avoid clogging the roads due to their slow speed.

Tramway Citadis - Cuenca. Copyright : Alstom Transport
Manos a La Obra Update

Here are some images showing the progress of the home improvement.
What you can see are the new roof line, the base of the bath and laundry room, and the installation of the sewage line.
The wall for the bathroom will be completed and the floor, then the roof can be put in place.
After that the project stops due to lack of funds.

City sewage 2 m below, we had to dig this out and construct this manhole 

sewage line from the new bathroom, drop of 1 cm per meter to have the correct drain away

The laundry produces gray water which they will use to water their plants

new wall of the bedroom and passageway to rear of the house

you can see here how the roof line has been lifted to accommodate the extension