Thursday, 24 October 2013



Today, Oct. 22nd, at the Museo de Amantes de Sumpa in Santa Elena, about 14 women expats gathered to participate in making of gua gua bread, which is an Ecuadorean Andean tradition that honors the deceased every year on the Day of the Dead, Nov. 2nd. Historically, at the indigenous people's funerals, it was customary to nail a doll made of wood to the tombs of the deceased and offer them food. The gua gua bread, in the shapes of babies or dolls, represent some of the food that was offered.
But first, there were some women who had not seen the Amantes de Sumpa, or lovers'
remains embraced in death, which is the main feature of this museum. These remains are about 2500 years old, whereas the rest of the museum's features show what life was like for those people who lived 10,000 years ago.
After seeing the remains and a little of how these people lived so long ago, Suzanne, her friend Beatrice and another Ecuadorean lady all helped with getting the bread ingredients ready to knead. While one of these women actually kneaded the bread, Suzanne explained the tradition and some tips to know when the bread was ready to set aside to rise (double in size) and also the order and placement of the ingredients (it does make a difference).
When the kneading and rising were complete, everyone got a section of the bread to fashion into whatever shape they wanted. Some of the ladies got very creative in making their “dolls” with all different kinds of details, like eyes, nose,mouth, different appendages and one was even strumming a guitar. Then, these dolls made it onto large baking sheets and put into the crackling oven fire that was there on the premises, very similar to the ones they used eons ago.
Of course, we were hungry by this time, and when the gua guas were done, we ate them with great relish, and they were delicioso! Served with the gua guas was another tradition handed down from generation to generation, and that was the drink called colada morada, which was made with purple corn, some fruits like blackberries, pineapple,strawberries, etc., spices like cinnamon and cloves and corn starch. Over the years, the recipe has changed to make it easier to prepare due to modern time constraints. Actually, this drink was to honor the deceased saints, and it was also muy sabroso, not too sweet!
Then, to top the day off, we went to Randy's home in Santa Elena and she had 5 different cakes and 5 different kinds of ice cream to help celebrate all our birthdays. What a treat!
After sitting and talking for awhile, we all left satisfied that this day was well worth the time spent!

Sin Bar open
After a well deserved rest, Kim will reopen Sin Bar- ready for the upcoming summer season.
Mary Kelly will be celebrating her  65th birthday on the 26th of October at Sin Bar.
Why not scoot along there 18.00hrs and help her enjoy it!
Mary told me that you only turn 65 once, but that is not holding her back.