Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Living the Life Ecuador coast

Food,Glorious Food!

When Evelyn's brother and sister came to stay with us, one of the questions we were asked was," How is the food?"
Well, during their stay I only cooked one meal at home. So, does that, in part, answer the question? George is a restaurant inspector back in New York, so we will see how much of his work he can leave behind. Carolyn works for Long Island Jewish Hospital.
So both of them are in the field of health. With that in mind, all I could say was that we have not been sick, and we eat everywhere.
A lot of the places we took them to we have reviewed in previous blogs, but while they were here we had two new restaurants open and we sampled them both.
The first one is called the New Italian Gourmet Restaurant, and is located in the San Lorenzo square by San Benito Church. This is a building that has been converted to house two restaurants, a bodega, and some offices.
We went to the opening night. The first drawback was the steps that had to be climbed in order to gain access to the restaurant. If you are not that good on your feet or need the use of a wheelchair, this restaurant is not for you, unless they set up a table on the street.
They have a nice open terrace and space under cover, and then space inside, so if you want sun, shade, or an inside meal, they have it. As you enter, there is a bar on the right, and the bathrooms are through the back. The bathrooms are clean and have soap, towels, and toilet paper.
On this occasion, we were not able to eat here because of the loud music. We did make a request to reduce the loudness of the music but we were dismissed, so we left and ate elsewhere.
Evelyn and I did return and were able to try the food and service. We found the menu to be extensive, the food good, and the service slow.