Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Living the Life Ecuador Coast

The orphanage Christmas

How you can help.

Party 18th December

There will be a gift wrapping party held at Casa Blanca, the home of Peggy, Will, and Kimi.
To start around 13.30hrs.

Please bring with you an imagination, ribbon, glue, string, and anything that you think would help with the process of wrapping gifts.
for directions and please RSVP:

Peggy's cell is 0991724284 and home is 2778083, email phuntsanders@aol.com.

Bathroom kits have been purchased, which include : tooth brush,soap, and are in need of thoughtful wrapping ideas?

Tee shirts have been ordered for all the children and will be picked up by Peggy and Kimi.
All gifts need to be into Bab's by the 17th. 
This includes cash donations.

Kimi and Peggy will then go out to buy gifts to make up the difference of gifts for the children.

Christmas Eve.
The morning of Christmas Eve, a van will be leaving the Score Bar at 10.00 hrs., taking with it:

3 cooked turkeys, rice, and lentils donated by Will and Wendy,

A salad, mac and cheese,  donated by Peggy and Kimi, 

Any additional food that has been donated to Bab's or left at Score Bar, and

As many gifts as they can take.

The van is full; if you want to get to the orphanage, start looking for rides!!!

Anything you give will be happily accepted  and made great use of by the orphanage.

Remember this is about the children, they need help all year round, thank you.

San Lorenzo Beach and La Libertad over that way
Post card views 

This is what most people come to Salinas for. They want to see the sea and the beach; you may not want to live by the sea, but this is what you would like to see from time to time. 
These views are taken from the San Lorenzo beach looking at Salinas, except one of the shots is looking towards La Libertad.

Looking down the Malecon 

Looking at the Salinas Bay

The Yacht Club and Chipipe beyond

Chipipe and the headland 

The wide shot of Salinas

This Month
The town of Bhopal, India was in the news for many years. It was due to a gas leak at a pesticide plant. The gas was lethal, and killed 2800+ people in 1984.