Thursday, 6 December 2012

Living the life Ecuador coast

More food

As I said in a previous blog that there were two new restaurants that opened the same time as Evelyn's brother and sister were staying with us, well here is our thoughts on the second one.
There were eight of us in the party, not only were we hungry for food we were also hungry with our friends to check ut this new eatery.
The place is quite large, it is located in the San Lorenzo square across from the church, there is no problem with parking, the entry way is quite wide no steps a wheelchair can access with ease, the seating is the picnic style bench which did not work for one of our party, as he has  limited mobility and he is a big chap.The staff were very quick to provide a chair that was placed at the end of the table, and this worked well.
The bathrooms were quite spacious and had soap towels and toilet paper, lighting in the dining area was comfortable, The menu was clear in Spanish, music was in the  background and did not interfere with conversation.
Between the eight of us we pretty much covered the types of food offered, they had a selection of beers and small selection of wine and none alcoholic drinks.
The staff had a good knowledge of the menu and were able to help in limited English with questions, when the food arrived the presentation was god the portions were adequate, the only complaint I heard and I shared this complaint as well was that when the loma fina was ordered the did not ask how it was to be cocked.
So between eight of us if that was the only complaint this will be a place that we will return often.
I hope that they can maintain this level of service and quality of the food offered.

You are invited

We are having an Open House to show you our finished kitchen and extended living room.  Please come and enjoy our hospitality:
Hosts:    Jodie and Evelyn McIntosh
Day and time:      Wednesday, December 12th        1pm-5pm
Location:   3 blocks   down from Tesoro del Mar(on the Malecon) .  Turn left and look for the orange trimmed house.   That’s our place!
Light refreshments   will be served.    Please pass this on to anyone we may have missed.     Thanks.

This Month

In 1917 Independence was declared by Finland form Russa.

On December 6th in Europe the Feast of Saint Nicolas is celebrated.