Monday, 19 August 2013

Ecuador to explore for oil in Amazon

Ecuador to explore for oil in Amazon

Government says decision forced by international fund's failure to pay government to not drill in the region.

Ecuador to open up rainforest s for oil explorations the link below shows some of the diverse life that resides in the area.

There have been protests in Ecuador after the government gave the go-ahead for oil exploration in a region of the Amazon rainforest. President Rafael Correa says he was forced to make the move after an international fund, which would have paid Ecuador to not drill in the region, failed to raise enough money.

Season of Red / Blue Crab
August 15 to September 15 
The regulations prohibited the capture, transport and marketing of red and blue crab, reported the Undersecretary of fisheries resources (SRP) through a press release. The reason, to allow for the growth of crustaceans, which is intended to protect the species and, at the same time, the consumer, since during this period the crab enters a stage of molt or change of carapace. This process produces high concentrations of oxalate for calcium element detrimental to human health. 75 fishing inspectors will monitor and control, at the national level, compliance with this measure, said the director Control of fish resources, Molke Mendoza. Those who violate the rule will be punished, according to determine the law of fisheries and fisheries development, he argued Mendoza, part of the Undersecretary of fisheries resources.
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