Friday, 23 August 2013

A momentous month

Gay Pride

This not a subject everyone wants to hear about but the month June has seen changes that affect so many and in very positive ways.
The repeal of DOMA, Don't ask don't tell, equal rights to same sex couples at the federal level.
Weather you agree with gay rights or not we all should agree that human rights are worth fighting for I have strived to strike a balance in my life and preserve the rights of the people around me , I served my country and it has taken many years for my country to recognise that I did not have the same rights.
This movement for same sex marriage  started in 1998 in Holland the first country to offer rights to same sex couples.
This year in the month of June in the USA the right of same sex couples to be married was ratified, that means the 1163 rights taken for granted by a man and woman couple are now available to same sex couples.

Here is an example, a partner of a same sex couple is hospitalised the healthy partner did not have the right to visit or make medical decisions. 

I am glad to say that during my life I have been very fortunate to have great and good friends, my lifestyle is not a choice and my  friends have supported me. 
With these decisions made by the people for the people this will allow the curtain to be raised for many people to raise their heads and say I am now empowered to reach the same goals as everybody else.
The link to the video in this blog shows some of the struggles that have been overcome.