Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Living the life Ecuador Coast

Mosquito Abatement

Did you know that Salinas has a truck going around in the evening once a month spraying to reduce the population of mosquitoes?   Well, they do.
 While out walking to Sin, the bar behind the San Lorenzo Church, we heard a noise that sounded like a plane was about to land on us. So, we started ducking and looking around. Then this truck came around the corner, and as it went by, we were covered in the cloud that was being shot out the back. Coming from the San Francisco bay area, we know too well the cloud and smell. But there, we were told prior when this was to happen, so you could avoid the cloud and keep your pets inside. I hope we suffer no adverse side effects from this exposure. So far, so good.
But I am glad that they have the forethought to have a program in place for mosquito abatement.


Bar, Live Music, Exercise class, food.

These are just some of the titles that go with the bar named Sin.
Evelyn takes a dance exercise class there five afternoons a week run by Linda Phillips in the upstairs part of the facility, which also has restrooms.
As you walk into Sin, the bar is straight ahead of you and the bathrooms are behind the bar. Over to the right is an area where food is prepared and sold. This is a very large place and can accommodate many different functions.
Kim and Kevin greeted us as we walked in, and several other customers were happy to get to know us. The bar is of ample size and limited seating. Around the perimeter are the concrete seats and tables you see in many places here in Salinas.  We placed an order of beer and it was served very cold. They had no glasses that night because the water had been off all day (we live close by and also had no water ). We then went over to the kitchen. Earlier that day, Evelyn had been told that this night was spaghetti night and she really loves pasta.

There we met Lars and Brigitte who run the kitchen. We were offered a choice of sauces for the spaghetti: Shrimp in garlic butter, Alfredo sauce, and Bolognese. Evelyn had the shrimp in garlic butter and I went for the bolognese. Garlic bread was also served with the meal.
We were informed that all the meals are made from scratch, and then they gave us a look at the type of food they offer on the other nights they are open, Tuesday through Saturday:

Chicken wings (plain or spicy)             5.50

Big Hamburger                                    5.00

Small Hamburger                                 3.00

Sausage with curry                               3.00

Goulash soup                                       4.00

Pork steak                                            6.50

Spaghetti (Alfredo, Bolognese).          6.50

     "          Shrimp in Garlic butter       7.50

Give them a try. We just missed a salsa night; they had a Cuban Salsa band called Del 50 Son. Look out for the flyer, or check out their website:

Do you remember?

Who was the first woman to swim the English Channel in both directions?

Esther Williams,     Shirley May France,    Gertrude Ederle,    Florence Chadwick.

In 1950 the hourly minimum wage in the U.S. was raised to?

$1.50,   $0.75   $2.00   $2.25

Did you Know?

 If you combine 1/2 cup sugar, 2 tablespoons of malt vinegar with a 250 ml. tin of tomato sauce you get Ketchup.