Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Living the Life Ecuador coast

With effect from this month !

If you have not received your cedula or are in the process of applying for it , there has been a new requirement brought into effect  from  01/08/2012.
The new requirement is that you have to produce your original birth certificate or a copy, have it apostilled and sent in with the rest of your documents.
So, one more step in the process of gaining residency here in Ecuador. For those of you who have made the move and left your country of origin, this will be a bit of an expense and will take some time to complete.
Even if you have sent in your documents but have not received your cedula prior to the 31/07/2012, this new requirement will stop the process. If you are using an attorney, check with them. If not, then you may have to go to immigration; this move has taken the legal professionals in the immigration field by surprise.  

Score Bar

Score Bar organized a whale watching excursion last week  and by all accounts it was a great trip. Evelyn and I were not able to take advantage of the offer due to other commitments, but we are hoping to remedy this by going out this week with Ben Haase, the curator from the whale museum. So, I hope to bring back some images that will document our trip.

Some changes 

We are making some changes to our home, so through a series of images, I will keep you up with the progress.

Whale of a time

A few of us went on a whale search. Everybody calls it whale watching, but until you find them, it is a search.
Ed, Evelyn, Randy, Randy, Ben, Jean.

The people in the photo at left, me behind the
 camera, the captain, and the driver are all set to sail out for the day. We made what is called a wet boarding. That is, when the boat is brought as close to the shore as possible and then you wade out to the boat and climb in.
Now we are bobbing about in the water and ready to sail off to find the whales.
As we are leaving, Ben is providing a commentary about where we are and what we could see once we get out there. Our first stop is a rocky outcrop about 3 miles from the shore, called El Pelado,or barren rock, where we can see many different species of birds. There were inca terns, bridal terns, brown pelicans, Peruvian pelicans, storm petrols, and vultures and other species that were seen. The scene on this rock was very dramatic since it seemed that hundreds of birds were either sitting on or flying above this lone rock out at sea.
         We also passed a few shipping boats, one fairly large,which was a shrimping vessel, and 2 much smaller ones with 2 or 3 people on board catching fish.  We took pictures of one of the proud fishermen who held up his prize, a large tuna, and smiled for the camera. Another one sold some of his octopi to Bolivar, our captain.
           Then came the searching and waiting for the whales to show up. It was a good 2 hours or more before we found a group of whales breaching,flapping their fins, and gracefully showing their tails dipping gracefully into the ocean.  This was definitely worth waiting for! This group was going too fast for us to keep up with, so Bolivar decided to search for another group, which we did find after about another 45 minutes or so. Bolivar has been doing this for a long time, and he was right on again.  The second group was also active, with some breaches and swimming and monstrous tails dipping below the sea.  We got some good photos of these giant creatures, so we are happy with our patience in waiting for them. After all, they are not on any schedule but their own.
            Exhilarated from the wonderful scenery we had just seen, we headed back to Ayangue for a very tasty lunch of either fish soup or lobster. We headed back home after an exhausting, but very worthwhile day of sea breezes, viewing some beautiful sea birds, and of course, the searching and finding of the awesome, graceful whales.  Splendid day!

Did You Know?

There is a compound sold in the drug stores called "Urea". This is a crystal and can be added to water, one teaspoon to a gallon of water, and is a very inexpensive homemade fertilizer.

Emergency Mallet

If you have a tennis ball, you can cut a hole in it and place it around your hammer head. This will protect your surface.

Do you Remember?

Who was the first midget to play major league baseball?

Tom Thumb,     Eddie Gaedel,     Kevin Broderick,     Ron Cey.

Who was that Man ?

The man in the white suit?

Alec Guinness,     Gregory Peck,     Fredric March,     Laurence Harvey.