Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Red Cross

The Red Cross

The above images known throughout the world as a sign of help in a disaster.

In Ecuador the Red Cross provide just that and more.
Blood banks are run by them.
Clinics with doctors, dentists, are run by them.
Medical laboratories are run by them.
In the larger cities they provide run or support the 911 service, with ambulances and paramedics.

So what has gone wrong?
This year so far 4 Clinics run by the Red Cross have been robbed by armed men.

These clinics are run under the protection of the Red Cross, which means no arms are allowed on their sites.
These clinics provide a service to the community they are in, when this happens it reflects on the community.
Some time ago I reported that the crime rate was down, if this is an indication of the level of crime, then I would say that we are getting close to the bottom.
When people are taking advantage of a community service run by doctors, nurses, technicians and volunteers are held up at gunpoint.
The most recent attack took place in Santa Elena, which involved a doctor, dentist, technician and patients
As far as I know none of the losses have been recovered.