Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Cell Phone, and housing news

Ecuador increases mobile phone import quota by 18%

The government of Ecuador has increased its annual mobile phone import quota to USD 250 million this year, reports local daily El Comercio. The national scheme allows companies to import phones to meet demand that cannot be met by domestic production, with users allowed to buy one device a year by post on payment of a 15 percent fee plus 12 percent in VAT. 

Ecuador's Housing Social Contract 

Quito, Jan 6 (Prensa Latina) President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, revealed that his government halved the deficit of housing in the country, but still needs to provide 500,000 houses to repay this historic debt.
According to the president, the country itself could solve the deficit in a few years with its own resources and profits, therefore he called for a vote of confidence for his political project during the opening ceremony of a complex of 204 homes in Los Rios province, located in the central part of the country's coastline.

At the beginning of his government in 2007, the housing shortage was one million, and it has already managed to reduce it by half but the continuity of the Citizen Revolution is needed to ensure the development of works like this one.

Correa criticized the fact that being Los Rios one of the most productive provinces in the country, it suffers high levels of poverty, explicable only by the inequality, exploitation and injustice that was submitted in previous decades.

But the government is able to ensure a decent shelter for every Ecuadorian family, for their children, that if the others do not come, referring to the upcoming general elections scheduled for February 2017.

That's what will be at stake in the upcoming elections, vote for the Citizen Revolution, urged the dignitary.