Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Manos a La Obra Fund Raiser

Manos a La Obra

Over the last few months, there has been a visible effort by both the expats and local Ecuadorians to raise awareness and funding to help families and children in need.
As both parties are trying to help in the community, it seems right that they should assist each other to help the community, so the two parties will be able to exchange information and reach out to resources that one or the other did not know about or was not able to respond to.
The evening at the Italian Gourmet, San Lorenzo, Santa Elena went very well and was well attended, with a good mix of expats and Ecuadorians from different sections of the community.
The family in question was able to attend and a video was shown to highlight their plight.
There was a raffle where local business people donated items and meals; the food and wine was very good and they had live entertainment.
With a goal of $1500.00 to be raised in one night and with the people that attended, it did not look like it would be an issue. With the ticket price @ $25.00, $10.00 went to the restaurant and the rest went to the family.
With a count  at the end of the night, there was just under $2000.00 with 80 people in attendance. That would mean that we had to take away $800.00 from the total, which would have left us @ $1200.00.
The owner of the restaurant, Roberto, donated $300.00 and with a couple of late donations, the total for the family was $1565.00.
This amount is enough with donated labour and materials to get the work done on the home of the family.