Saturday, 10 November 2012

Living the Life Ecuador coast


This is the week we got the new cabinets in the kitchen. We had been waiting for them so we can finish our unpacking. But now, even with all the cabinet space, we do not have enough space to stow away all of our pots and pans and kitchen items. So the main ones will have to go on the wall, which is fine, because I have a space above the sink area to accommodate them. We are very pleased with the quality of the material and the workmanship. Because of the unusual nature of some of the cabinets, installation has taken 3.5 days. Now, the reason I say unusual is that we have introduced some items that the cabinet makers have not been asked to make and install before.

Italian Restaurant


                  Review on Positano, Italian Restaurant in San Lorenzo               

We decided to try the Positano Restaurant last Saturday evening with 3 of our friends.  We arrived to find steps up to the restaurant, with no ramps for the disabled. Street parking is at your own risk because the road is very busy with the restaurant being on a bus route.  When we entered the restaurant, we were showed to a table and given menus. Then we ordered our food and a large carafe of sangria, and bread was brought to the table only after we asked for it.  We did notice that a few other groups came in after us, and the manager  went over to their tables to greet them, but he never came over to our table.   There were no condiments brought to the table, and they had no parmesan cheese , or balsamic vinegar or olive oil for the bread, and had no fresh pepper.  For some of us, the first choice was not on the menu; they were pushing their specials.                                                       
         While we were waiting for our food, we noticed that the restaurant was quite large in size, and old in appearance and d├ęcor.  It lacked ambiance, and the music that was playing was not in keeping with an Italian restaurant.  The music was not original, but knockoffs, and not good ones, I might add.
           Jodie’s dish, ravioli with spinach and cheese sauce, was too salty. My osso buco was very good, but the food was warm, not hot.  Chris said his ravioli with marinara sauce was okay, but also warm, not hot.  Piedad, who also had the osso buco, said that  the meat was good, but warm , and Randy said hers was okay, but warm.  The sangria was very good. 
            After the meal, we were not asked if we wanted dessert. So, we paid and left and went  to downtown Salinas for dessert.
            None of us would return to this restaurant since it was not welcoming in any way.

This Month

The British astronomer Edmond Halley was born in 1656; his claim to fame is the discovery of the comet named after him.

One of the first colleges to open for women was the Mount Holyoke College, founded by Mary Lyon in 1837, when higher education for women was a revolutionary idea. Mount Holyoke College is the United States' oldest continuing higher institution of education for women.

This month is historic for a number of reasons. One of which is that a black democrat incumbent president of the United States was reelected for a second term. Also this month, the recognition of the 41st state of the union in 1889 was Montana.   Montana passed measures liberalizing marijuana use in this 2012 election.