Thursday, 13 September 2012

Living the Life Ecuador coast

The season is over!

Now that all the schools have gone back, the streets, beaches, and Malecon are empty. The nightly fireworks and the constant boom! boom! of the palpable music filling the night air has subsided for now.
Taxis are moving slower, and the check out lines are moving faster; vendors open later and the cleaning crews finish early.
As the seasons change here in Salinas, the ships waiting to pick up oil and the fishing boats are still there. The ocean still provides its bounty, the sun peaks out from time to time.
 It feels like Salinas is taking in a big breath, a sigh, stretching out - getting ready to relax and prepare for the next people season. The weather season has been mixed this year, and it is unclear what is in store for Salinas, but this feels like a time to reflect and relax.
But not for too long, because the high season is coming. This is when the streets will fill once again and the pace of life picks up. What to expect? Noise!!!!! Many people, fast taxis, garbage and cleaning crews working overtime to keep the place clean.  Enjoy your snooze. 

Independent film 

As a film maker, I watch a lot of films because I enjoy watching films and I get inspiration from other peoples' work. Not all films are good; some stand out and some I do not remember, but this one caught my eye. Here is a link to that film. Hope that you enjoy it.

Ecuador- Medicating yourself 

You probably have not thought about it coming from a country where medical care is the best in the world as long as you have deep pockets. Here in Ecuador, health care is good. But before you get there, most start to treat themselves. Here is an example of an herbal treatment that a lot of Americans are addicted to- coffee, it is a stimulant, it contains caffeine, a pick me up.
Coffee can also open the bronchial passages, help in the treatment congestion of the chest and provide relief for asthmatics, and help you get over the common cold. There have been studies carried out recently that have indicated that coffee helps prevent gallstones and may help fight against Parkinson's disease, and it boosts the pain relieving power of Ibuprofen. 

Here is another popular drink that is in common use, Coca-Cola, a brand known all over the world. But when John Pemberton back in 1886 developed this drink, it was for different reasons. He claimed that it was a cure for alcoholism, it could strengthen the heart, aid in digestion, and reduce fatigue.

Ginger ale- this drink has been around for a long time. If you are a cook, you use Ginger all the time, and it has been used for the treatment of an upset stomach, as a hangover tonic, motion sickness, and vomiting.
Strong waves after the tsunami warning


The police are out in force passing out pamphlets stating that if you are caught speeding you will go to jail, and if you are caught drinking and driving you will spend 3 days in jail pay a $260.00 fine and get 3 points on your licence.
I have not seen any reduction in speed of the taxis or buses, I am told that it applies to everyone.

This is a bird that caught his reflection in our window in the back yard.