Thursday, 31 May 2012

Well I thought I would go back and start writing about how we got here and what has happened to us on the way, but to be honest there is stuff going on every day and to catch up will take for ever so I will insert events that have happened as time goes by.
If the video loads you will see the beach where we take the dogs for walks, the sun is setting and I did not use a filter on this I just got out my little samsung camera and pointed.
Most evenings are not like this and I will post more shots of the beach at various times of the day.
We have now lived here 10 weeks and life is getting easier, this is not to say it is hard but when you are in a  strange place where English is not spoken that much it can be wearing
living here we have not needed a car, as we walk take a bus or a taxi, this in its self is a nice feeling, and by walking we are meeting all the local people.
Well for whatever reason I am not able to upload the video I wanted to so I am trying a different one.
These are some of our neighbours they live up in the trees and come down now and again.