Friday, 4 July 2014

Cause for concern?

Cause for concern?

The party that is running Ecuador at the moment has pushed ahead last week with a plan to keep the current president in power.
Gabriela Ribadeneira, the current Congressional leader, has submitted  a plan to allow indefinite re-election of the current president.
This package has to be reviewed within 45 days by the constitutional court, who will then decide if this package should be submitted to a national referendum or if it can be decided by the legislature. 
The ruling party at this time has enough votes to get this passed.
President Correa has stated publicly that he supports this move, but would not take advantage of this potential change in the law.
Tucked away in this piece of legislation are two other parts that have not been given the same amount of coverage.
Reducing the age of a candidate that can run for the office of President, if passed, will be reduced from the age of 35 to the age of 30.
Again, if this piece of legislation comes to pass, there is another line that has not been brought out into the light, and that is that the president can use the military to deal with internal security.

The line

The line that you do not want to be in, the line shown below, is a line of vehicles waiting to be tested for the matricula.
As the transito office closed the day before, the line for the next day was forming. There are people who for a fee will hold your place in the line; the fee can be anything from $10 to $30.00.
Just before the office opened on this day, the count of vehicles was at 200. In this line are the people that have left it to the last minute, and those that are just there to get it over with.
As the line started to move, the third person in line was told that they will have to come back, never mind that they had slept in their car overnight.
The reason given by the transito was that this is the last day of the month, and you have all of July to get it tested.
Whether you know it or not, the way that a vehicle is shown due to be tested is marked by the last number on the license plate, 1-12 for the 12 months of the year.
The person who was number three was able to get his vehicle through the inspection after he made a donation to the person on the gate.

As I watched the inspection taking place, I was amazed at how the inspections were carried out, basically if the tires are OK, then it passed. As you can see from one of the images, a truck with no right rear lights passed!!!!

Looking down the road with no end in sight.

This truck passed the inspection even though it had no lights on the rear right side of the vehicle

Here we see a transito officer checking documents.

Down 12%

Over the last seven years the level of poverty has been reduced by 12%.
This information was released by the National Secretary of Planning  and Development.
The reason for the dramatic decrease can be attributed to the political process that has prioritized investment in social and productive sectors of the country.
In a statement last week, Pabel Muñoz said that hospitals, health centers, schools and roads have been targeted with 15% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) .  "Clearly public policy has provided a significant boost".

Pabel Muñoz, National Secretary of Planning  and Development