Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Best Ribs

Best Ribs

We found this place across from the Paseo and the circus. We went in to have the almuerzo and was very pleasantly surprised.
The place is clean, the music was not too loud, and the furniture was nice.
After having a delicious meal the first time, we went back a second time and received the same service and quality of food.
The third time we went back there was with friends, and we then looked at the menu. On there, they had ribs.
When the food arrived, the plate came with fries and a salad, more than enough food, but the ribs were so tender that the meat fell off the bone, and the BBQ sauce was perfect.
Now when I say the best ribs, I mean the best ribs that I have eaten since I have lived here in Ecuador.
Now do not just take my word for it. Get down there and try them for yourself!

Launch of a dream 

                                                          When we moved here over two years ago, we saw this shell of a boat pulled up on land, and thought nothing of it. Well, little did we know that this was a project. Over the last two years, they have been working on it to get it ready to launch and sail away in it.
Well, just last month with much fanfare, celebration and effort, this shell was transformed into a working boat and pushed into the sea.

Images thanks to Peggy

Great Opportunity

For those of you out there that are interested in buying a condo in the Salinas area take a look at this web site and give the owner a call

The owner is Santiago Donoso this is the phone number 0995455770.