Monday, 10 March 2014

Happy Birthday

This is the start of International Women's Week

Happy Birthday

25 years ago the Internet, the world wide web, became a reality.
In that same year, Bart Simpson made his debut on TV.
Back then, you had to have special knowledge to be able to use the world wide web.
The internet existed before 1989, but it was through BBSs and email forums like CompuServe, finding a web page back then was unheard of.
Things really changed in 1990 when it was used in the way it was thought it would be used, the free exchange of information and ideas. Berners-Lee changed the world.
He released the code,( we now use the term open source), for free and for use by anyone that understood how to use it, to make the world wide web a better place for the free exchange of information and ideas.
For his part in this world changing event, Berners-Lee received a Knighthood. Since that time, the growth in the size of the internet and its availability has grown exponentially in the modern world; and since the advent of the modern smart phones, third world countries have been able to expand the use of internet  to many more people.
The world wide web continues to be revolutionary due to the use it has been put to, and the uses it can be put to in the future.

Meter fire

This is what the electric meter looks like after it has caught fire.

This is how it should look.

For me, this is a first! I have never seen an electric meter catch fire, but I am told that it happens down here due to the amount of salt in the air. If the plastic case gets broken for some reason, then it is open to the elements and over time salt is deposited. This, then shorts the power and a fire destroys the meter.
This happened to a friend of ours, where the fire caused a spike and damage to the property. The cable box was toast; there was additional damage that was caused, but it was not immediately obvious. Some other cables got fried to one of the rooms with a breaker box, which caused part of the building to have no power; the electrician later had to make repairs.
The final part to this is that the power company did not have a replacement meter, so they hooked up a bypass until they could obtain a replacement meter. So that means free electricity in the meantime.

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