Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Living the life Ecuador coast

Cuenca Company Producing Computer Boards
A new Cuenca-based high tech company has started producing computer boards used in electronic products manufactured and assembled in Ecuador. According to the country's Ministry of Industry and Productivity (MIPRO), those products may soon include a digital tablet manufactured in Cuenca.
It is the first company of its kind in Ecuador and the Andean region of South America.
The company, Tarpuc, was formally inaugurated last week when MIPRO Minister Ramiro González visited the production facility in the Cuenca suburb of Ucubamba. Tarpuc is being assisted by new government rules mandating that 70% of computer boards, or "electronic brains," for cell phones, televisions, car radios, cook ranges, and other high-tech equipment, be produced within the country.
The company, which has 70 employees, is currently producing 7,000 units a day, working with equipment and materials from Japan and China. It hopes to produce 12,000 units a day by the end of the year.
Once it begins working at full capacity, Tarpuc will export its products to other Latin American countries.

San Lorenzo finds a home for another new business 

This Notaria is located behind Common Grounds opposite the printer, with a staff of three and speaking only Spanish.  They use Google Translate to communicate for different languages, so this can help.  This will save you time by not going into Santa Elena.
They do give a discount to 65 years and older.  For example, a will's cost is normal price $350.00, with the discount you only pay $175.00.
If you are from the US or Canada, it is a must to have an Ecuadorian Will in place; this could be the place for you.  

Health care in Ecuador

Since the changes in health care have been introduced by President Correa to improve the public health, it has been seen that there is a shortfall of doctors in the country.
This shortfall was recently addressed with a change in policy, that will now allow foreign doctors to enter and practice medicine in the public health sector.
All of the foreign embassies were contacted to promote this move. The Cuban government responded and have allowed 1000 doctors to come to Ecuador.
There has been a backlash to this move by doctors in Ecuador, and a number have resigned.
The Ecuadorian  government has responded by saying, "If that is what they want to do, then let them".