Saturday, 25 January 2014


30 and 2 years ago

Two great times in my life! I find it hard to believe that it has been so long a time that I first encountered a love that has stayed over time.
And just over two years ago, I felt the same wave of enthusiasm, excitement, and adventure.
Both of these times are providing me with a stream of wonder.
Let me go back to the first time I bought a computer. In University, I learned FORTRAN and COBAL , the machine code of the day. It was a slog to work it and I never got into it.
Like a lot of people at that time, we did not really know what to do with it. Then, along came The ZX81 with a 1K board. You could expand it to 16K and play games on it.
Then came the Atari. Now, this was a computer that you could buy games for and not have to write code for.
Then came the future! Only, we did not know it at the time and we still do not know all the innovations or uses it will be put to today.
Thirty years ago, I bought my first Mac computer. I did not know it then, but it has changed my way of life! I do not have that first computer, sadly, but I do still have and use an IMAC that is eleven years old.
This passion and loyalty I have developed for MAC continues today. I cannot say that for any other product. Happy Birthday, MAC!
 The first time that I ventured here was just under two years ago; and, from that first sunrise that I enjoyed, I felt a calming comfort from the country and the people that I encountered.
Like my MAC, I find daily excitement, wonder, and a passion to learn more about the place I now call home.
Not all of the people that we have met have remained in our lives, as time moves on and change is inevitable, circumstances dictate that new friends are made, and old friends become memories.
Like my MAC, I hope that the fire inside me to enjoy, learn, understand and become part of the country lasts at least as long as my passion for my MAC.
To the unknown I go?

Festival 2014

This year festival (Carnival) will be in March from the 10th-12th.  This is a time of many people in the area, and watch out for those bags of water and flour! The noise level will rise and it will be hard to do your shopping, so stock up on what you need or get to the shops early!

San Lorenzo welcomes new business! 
      Puerto Moro is a successful chain of restaurants in Guayaquil and has recently branched out to a location in San Lorenzo. We tried it last evening, and found the atmosphere quite pleasant, with excellent food and in a well presented fashion, very good service, and music with which you can comfortably converse. You can choose to sit either downstairs, inside or out, or upstairs, inside or out. We found it to be a great new addition to our other favorites in the area.

A mixed salad great taste and presentation 

maximum alert 
This is an alert 
People who say they represent the health department
Are offering the vaccine for the H1N1 virus
Have instead been putting people to sleep 
Then proceed to rob them or go onto their homes and take valuables